The Ultimate Brushless Trolling Motor Guide: Everything You Need to Know

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2022)

Do you want to buy a brushless trolling motor but don’t know where to start? This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about these motors.

We’ll discuss the different types of brushless trolling motors, how they work, and the benefits of using one.

Plus, we’ll provide tips on choosing the right motor for your needs and budget. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, this guide has something for you!

What is brushless trolling motor and how it works?

A brushless trolling motor is a type of electric trolling motor that uses permanent magnets to create torque.

This design eliminates the need for brushes, which can wear out over time and require replacement. Brushless motors are typically more efficient than brushed motors, and they produce less noise and vibration.

How does a brushless trolling motor work?

A brushless trolling motor is a type of electric motor that uses magnets to create rotational force, or torque.

brushless trolling motor inside view

The magnets are mounted on the outside of the motor’s housing and rotate around a central shaft. This design eliminates the need for brushes, which can wear out over time and cause friction and heat build-up.

Brushed vs brushless trolling motor

The main difference between brushed and brushless trolling motors is the way they generate torque.

Brushed motors use carbon brushes to transfer electricity to the spinning magnets, while brushless motors use permanent magnets that rotate around a central shaft.

Brushless motors are typically more efficient than brushed motors, and they produce less noise and vibration.

Advantages compared with brushed motor

Longer battery run times

Brushless motors tend to have longer battery run times than brushed motors. This is because brushless motors are more efficient and generate less heat.

Much more power

Brushless motors are known for their power and torque. They can provide more thrust than brushed motors, making them ideal for larger boats or heavier loads. In addition, brushless motors are typically smaller and lighter than brushed motors, which makes them easier to transport and install.

Longer Motor Life

Brushless motors have a motor life that is generally 5-10x that of a brushed motor. They also require less maintenance, which can save you time and money in the long run.

Greater energy efficiency

As well as many 36v brushed motors, may be swapped for 24v brushless systems and still deliver the same amount of power. Alternatively, you might keep your voltage at 36 volts and obtain considerably more power than before with significantly longer run times.


RF Noise

Brushless motor controllers are huge generators of RF Noise. In fact, they can generate more noise than the brushed motor. This can be a problem if you’re using a brushless trolling motor in close proximity to other electronics, such as a fish finder or sonar unit. To reduce the amount of noise your motor generates, try using a shielded cable or keeping the motor as far away from other electronics as possible.


Brushless motors tend to be more expensive than brushed motors. However, they offer a number of advantages that may make them worth the extra cost, such as longer battery life, greater power, and less maintenance.

Brands who makes a brushless trolling motors

There are a number of companies that make brushless trolling motors, including Haswing, Seamax, Lowrance’s and others.


Lowrance’s is an American company that produces marine electronics, such as fish finders and GPS units. They also make a brushless trolling motor, the Lowrance Ghost.

Lowrance ghost brushless trolling motor

The Lowrance Ghost is a freshwater trolling motor that is available in 12 or 24 volts. It has a thrust of 55 pounds and a shaft length of 47, 52 or 60 inches.

The 60-inch version includes a remote controller, which allows you to adjust the speed and steering from anywhere on the boat. The Ghost also includes an auto-pilot feature, which will keep your boat on course even in strong winds.


Haswing is a Chinese company that makes a wide variety of trolling motors.

They provides 3 brushless trolling motors:

  • Protruar which is 12V or 24V motor with 1 or 2 HP Transom Mount trolling motor
  • Protruar G W/ Gear Box which is 3.0/4.0 HP’s 24volt motor
  • Protruar High Performance which is 3 / 5 HP’s and 12V / 24V Transom Mount trolling motor

All of them are equipped with step-less adjustable speed control and a safety lanyard. The motors can easily be tilted in and out of the water and the trim height is adjustable by way of a quick look, so you can motor in virtually any water.

As an added safety feature, the Protruar is equipped with an auto propeller cut-out in the event of a collision.

Haswing brushless trolling motor scheme

The Protruar models also features an LED battery level indicator.

Suitable for both salt and fresh water.

Seamax / Powermax

Seamax is a Canadian company that makes electric trolling motors, marine pumps, and other boating accessories.

They offer two brushless trolling motor models Seamax 12V and Seamax 24V:

Seamax / Powermax 12V provides 2 HP and 35 inch or 40 inch shaft and provides 2 HP of power.

Seamax / Powermax 24V provides 3 HP of power and also have 2 shaft options: 35 inch and 40 inches

Seamax brushless motors are good for saltwater and fresh water use

The new patented stepless speed controller with real-time battery capacity indicator offers durability and performance over many years.

Seamax/Powermax Brushless trolling motor scheme

It gives you the ability to adjust the speed of your motor in very small increments, making it easy to find the perfect speed for your boat and fishing conditions.

Seamax motors come with a patented Anti-theft quick released taper-lock transom mount that makes it easy to adjust the angle of the motor.

This feature allows you to find the perfect angle for your boat and fishing conditions. The mount can be quickly released, so you can move the motor to another boat or store

The telescopic handle on the brushless trolling motor from Seamax allows you to adjust the angle of the motor quickly and easily. The ergonomic extending handle puts control at your fingertips, so you can adjust the speed and direction of the motor with ease.

Made with solid aluminum and steel and has a powder coating finish to protect it from the elements. The trolling motor should also come with a 2-year warranty for added peace of mind.


Garmin is a company that is known for making GPS units, but they also make a brushless trolling motor.

The Garmin Force trolling motor is available in 24 or 36 volts and has a thrust of 80-100 pounds (depends on voltage). Available with 50″ and 57″ shafts.

The Garmin Force trolling motor is more efficient at 24 volts than the competition’s 36 volt system. This means that you will use less power and get better performance from your trolling motor with the Garmin Force.

Garmin Force brushless trolling motor

The Garmin Force trolling motor includes built in sonar built in, which makes it easy to find fish and track their movements.

Included wireless foot pedal lets you control the speed and steering of the trolling motor from anywhere on the boat. But it can still be hardwire installed.

The autopilot feature on the Ghost can be really helpful when you’re trying to stay on course in strong winds. The autopilot will keep your boat on track, even if the wind changes direction.

Best brushless trolling motors

Garmin Force – Best 24/36 volts brushless trolling motor (Bow Mount)

If you’re looking for the best 24 or 36 volt trolling motor on the market, look no further than the Garmin Force. This trolling motor has it all–a powerful brushless motor, a long-lasting battery life, and intuitive controls that make it easy to use.

The Garmin Force is not one of the affordable trolling motors on the market, but it’s definitely worth the price tag.

This trolling motor is built to last, and it will give you years of trouble-free use. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line trolling motor, the Garmin Force is the way to go.

The battery life on the Garmin Force is impressive, and you’ll be able to get hours of use out of this trolling motor before needing to recharge.

This is one of the longest-lasting trolling motors on the market, and you’ll be able to use it for years to come.

Lowrance Ghost – Best 12/24v brushless trolling motor (Bow Mount)

Lowrance Ghost is another top-of-the-line trolling motor that is available in 12 or 24 volt options. This trolling motor is also brushless, so you can expect long-lasting battery life and consistent performance.

The Lowrance Ghost is slightly more expensive than the Garmin Force, but it’s still a great value for the money.

The Lowrance Ghost is a great trolling motor for use in windy conditions. This motor is built to withstand high winds, and it will stay operational even in the worst weather conditions. If you’re looking for a trolling motor that can handle anything, the Lowrance Ghost is the way to go.

HASWING Protruar G – Best budget transom mount option

The Protruar G is a great trolling motor if you’re on a budget. This motor is 24v, but Protruar also have 12v option.

The motor came with two propeller nut tools, an extra propeller nut, extra plastic shaft bushings, an extra anode and an extra shaft pin.

Offer 7 levels of tilting position and handle with 100° folding angle.

It is transom mount trolling motor.


What is the most powerful trolling motor on the market

The Garmin Force trolling motor is the most powerful on the market. It offers 80-100 pounds of thrust, making it perfect for larger boats.

Is minn kota making a brushless trolling motor?

Minn Kota does not currently make a brushless trolling motor.

Who makes a brushless trolling motors?

The three main companies that make brushless trolling motors are Lowrance, Seamax, Haswing and Garmin.

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