Minn Kota E-Drive Review

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2022)
Minn kota e-drive review

Minn Kota E-drive motor is an electric motor that is suitable for boats like pontoons. It is powerful and quiet, and it provides 2hp capable of moving a large pontoon 5mph. It can run for 2 whole hours on a single charge, and it is designed for freshwater fishing. 

Since it is a freshwater motor, it cannot be used in saltwater unless, of course, you don’t mind forking out the extra bucks to upgrade it to a saltwater motor. 

Product Overview


Minn Kota E-drive
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Throttle Control Lever

The control lever allows you to maneuver the boat. It has forward, reverse, and neutral controls. 

Tilt Switch

The switch allows you to tilt the motor upwards or downwards. 

Battery Run Time Gauge

The motor comes with a battery run time gauge for monitoring battery life. The gauge has an LCD display with a backlight, which shows how much time is left based on the battery charge and the current speed setting. 

When the battery voltage falls below 36v, the LCD display will go blank. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the battery charge is always full. 

Battery Run Time Gauge

48-Volt Motor 

Minn Kota edrive is a 48-volt motor. It requires four 12v, 105 amp hour deep cycle batteries, which have to be connected in a series. There is a consoled unit that monitors battery life, and the unit uses circuitry that is specific to the wiring configuration of the batteries. 

Using a different wiring configuration to provide 48 volts may result in inaccurate battery life and running readings from the battery run time gauge. So it’s important to stick to the specific wiring configuration. 

Also, it is recommended to recharge the lead-acid batteries within 12 to 24 hours to prevent battery failure. It’s best to use a Minn Kota charger to avoid overcharging the batteries, which can also lead to battery problems. 

Break-Away System

The break-away system protects the motor from damage when it encounters an obstruction underwater. It automatically releases the motor unit allowing it to swing over the obstruction. Once the motor clears the obstruction, the system automatically resets itself, allowing the motor to thrust forward. 


The Minn Kota uses a two-blade stainless steel propeller. It is easy to install; however, avoid running the motor with the propeller when not underwater to prevent injuries.

The propeller is powerful enough to cut through vegetation, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. The propeller can only stop working if there is a problem with the motor. 


Where to Buy and Price Range

If you want to buy a Minn Kota E-Drive motor, you can buy it from the company’s official website Minn Kota. Or you can buy it from Boat ID, Boe Marine, and Northland Marine.

You can also check out Walmart and eBay. Although the motor is a bit expensive, you can get a second-hand one on eBay at a low cost. 

The Minn Kota E-Drive costs anywhere between $2,000 and $4000. It is a bit costly for a freshwater motor, but it has advanced features, which explains the price tag. 

If you get one that is dirt cheap, avoid it at all costs because chances are that it’s made from inferior materials, it has poor quality features, and it cannot deliver good performance

You are better off spending the extra bucks on a genuine model than spend a small amount of cash on a crappy motor. If you are on a tight budget, there are similar products that perform equally well but cost a lot less. 

Minn Kota E-drive is a freshwater motor
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Alternative Products

If you are not sure that the Minn Kota E-Drive motor is what you want to buy, here are some alternative products, some of which might be less expensive

  • Watersnake T24 ASP
  • AQUOS Haswing
  • Intex Motor

There are many more similar products, and they may differ in some small ways, especially when it comes to features. But you can get a quality one without spending too much money, as long as you know what to look for when choosing a trolling motor.  


The Minn Kota E-drive is a freshwater motor that comes with advanced features that make it easy to control a boat and navigate through water. It has a break-away system, which is a nice touch as the system is designed to protect the motor from damage by underwater obstructions. 

The motor is a bit pricey than other similar products, but it’s powerful, and it can run for two whole hours on a single charge.

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