Bow Mount Trolling Motor Brackets: What? When? How?

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2022)
 Bow Mount Trolling Motor Brackets

Successful fishing depends on many things. An angler should know details about various kinds of fish, including their eating habits, speed, habitats, and seasonal peculiarities.

Those, who like to angle on motorboats, have a chance to catch a pike, a marling, a catfish, a tuna, and other predatory fish. Why is trolling fishing effective? It lets you catch the desired fish without noise. A fish sees the moving bait and does not suspect that it is a trap. 

If you want to do everything right, you will select a proper bracket to supply your boat or kayak with a motor. Compared to outboard motors, oars, and paddles, trolling motors are simpler in navigation.

They let you control your boat in windless and shallow places full of weeds. You can mount it on the front or back part of the kayak or boat. Some anglers mount it on the main motor to spare space.

It is better not to mount it anyhow. You should take into consideration the parameters of your boat/ kayak (weight, length, load, construction peculiarities, etc.) before the installation. This guide will help you make the right choice.

What Is a Trolling Motor Bracket?

Trolling Motor Bracket
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A person should mount the trolling motor properly using a bracket that fixes its position. Brackets differ depending on the place where a person wants to mount them (bow or stern). Besides, there are various manufacturers, prices, models, designs, and other tips to consider. One should also think about an expert who will mount it.

If you want to do that alone, you should learn installation details and get the required tools. Otherwise, you risk losing or breaking it in the middle of the lake or earlier.

Peculiarities of Bow Mount Trolling Motor Brackets

As a rule, an average trolling motor bracket is easy to remove and install. Experts say that it is harder and more expensive to install a trolling motor on a bow. Besides, not all types of boats suit such a procedure because the front part might not have the right surface to adjust the required angle of the motor. Nevertheless, bow trolling motors allow you to maneuver the boat easier compared to stern trolling motors. 

Вow trolling motor
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Bow mounting fits anglers with big and heavy boats. They have enough space required for brackets and dimensions of the trolling motor. Some trolling motors have an improved system for installation but you might find it difficult to install it in the front part of the boat. That is why it is better to buy a bracket to make it function under the right angle. Besides, you will be able to remove the trolling motor in case you need to move somewhere. 

Types of Trolling Motor Brackets

Customers often face the problem with the bracket choice. Sometimes a manufacturer creates a bracket and marks it as a “universal”. Later, customers cannot attach it because it does not fit their trolling motor type or a model of the boat. Consequently, you should be attentive when making a choice. Experts recommend paying attention to several things before buying a product.

1.       Manufacturer

The first thing to pay attention to is the manufacturer. You can search for some information about it on the Internet to see if it is trustworthy or not. The most popular manufacturers of trolling motor brackets are Brocraft, Minn Kota, Panther Marine, MotorGuide, Newport Vessels, and others.

2.      Dimensions

There must be enough space not only for a bracket but for the entire trolling motor on your kayak or boat. Selling websites like Amazon or eBay always mention the dimensions of the product. In case there is no information about its weight, 3D parameters, and delivery details, you should ask a question or look for the answer in the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

3.      Trolling motor type

A person can deal with two types of bow trolling motors – hand-controlled and foot-controlled. You should look for the bracket that suits your type and model. For example, Minn Kota 1854035 is compatible with Power Drive Pontoon 40, Power Drive V2, Terrova, Ultra, and Deckhand 40.

Customers do not recommend trusting universal types of trolling motor brackets. It is better to ask an expert or to learn parameters to find out whether it is compatible with your trolling motor and vessel or not.

4.      Design

Brackets can be black or white, massive and compact, stylish and primitive. For those who want something unique, various services offer to customize the bracket. Such a variant is an excellent solution for those who cannot find the right size to suit a boat or a kayak to enjoy fishing to full.

5.      Construction

You should make sure that the bracket is made of waterproof materials. It must be solid and better without cheap plastic details. One should look for anti-corrosive materials and reliable construction. Experts recommend looking through comments on Amazon to see if customers have problems with the product. Besides, pay attention to the warranty. The longer it is, the higher the quality of the bracket is.

One should look for anti-corrosive materials and reliable construction
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6.      Boat or kayak details

Sometimes, bow mounting is impossible because of the kayak or boat peculiarities. It usually concerns light vessels that do not allow big loads. Most trolling motor brackets demand a flat surface for the installation. Amazon customers say that an uneven surface prevents proper mounting and motor functioning.

7.      Feedback and rating

One of the best options is to study reviews about some products on Amazon, eBay, and similar websites. Customers share their experiences concerning the use or functionality of trolling motor brackets. For example, Minn Kota 1854035 has 4.7 stars out of 5 based on 171 reviews of Amazon customers. It means that the product is good and satisfies the demands of the anglers. Reviews are useful. They inform you about things you need to pay attention to. The above-mentioned bracket needs extra padlocks to secure it (according to Emma’s feedback made on November 7, 2019).

How to Mount a Trolling Motor Bracket on Bow

Bow mounting of a trolling motor allows effective navigating of the vessel while spending less effort. One usually installs the main motor on the opposite side because trolling motors are often used when the main motor is switched off. This guarantees silent fishing and allows moving in shallow and weedy places. A person should take seven steps to mount a trolling motor on the front of the boat or kayak.

  • Find out the dimensions of the trolling motor bracket.
  • Select the surface required for the bracket ( it is recommended to be flat).
  • Mark the holes required for the bracket installation.
  • Take a drill to make holes for the mounting of the bracket.
  • Adjust the bolts and place the bracket in the marked place.
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  • Screw washers to fix the bracket.
  • Secure the motor assembly to the base.

Some brackets have retaining nuts. They might need additional details to fix the bracket and adjust the trolling motor to it. You should also check if the adjusted trolling motor has enough space and a proper angle to function right.


It is not an easy task to select the best bracket for a bow trolling motor. A bracket must fit the trolling motor and the vessel. It should be easy to remove when not needed. Almost all models offer security options to prevent its robbery. Experienced angles suggest using trolling motor plugs and extra locks for better security.

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