Bow Mount vs Transom Mount

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2022)
Bow Mount vs Transom Mount

If you are an avid or a newbie fisherman, using a trolling motor to run your boat can make fishing a lot easier.

But knowing what type of trolling mount is suitable for your boat is important.

If you are deciding between a bow mount and transom mount, you have to take into account the size of your boat, weight, and even the way it’s designed.

For the reason that both mounts are designed for specific types of boats.

Bow mounts are ideal for large and medium-sized boats such as bass boats. Transom mounts are ideal for smaller and lighter boats like canoes and kayaks.

But knowing that is not enough to help you make a solid decision on the mount to buy. There are other considerations and they include:  


If comfortability is important to you when choosing a mount motor, then go with a transom mount. They are easier and more comfortable to operate than bow mounts.


Installing a bow mount is a lot harder than installing a transom mount.

With a bow mount, you need to drill a plate on the bow of your boat to attach it. And the problem with this is that not only do you need to make alterations for the installation, but the mount also takes up space.

Learn more about bow mounts brackets here.

With a transom mount, you simply attach it to your boat’s stern using a clamp. You don’t need a special clamp, a basic clamp is all you need to attach the mount.

Transom mounts do not take up space since they are mounted at the back of a boat. Plus you don’t need to make any alterations on your boat to install them. Also, you can detach the mount for storage


Transom mounts are designed for comfort and easy accessibility. They are hand-controlled using a hand-held tiller, which you attach to the motor.

The tiller extends out making it easy for you to access it and tilt your boat in whatever direction you want.

Transom mounts don’t come with additional features. They are designed for simplicity, so they don’t come with cables, foot pedals, or other components.

And this is an advantage because these components tend to clutter the deck of your vessel.  

A bow mount is foot controlled. It comes with a foot pedal that is attached to the motor using a cable and a simple screw.

So you can place the pedal where you feel most comfortable since the cable is long enough. The downside is that you have to watch not to trip over the cable.

Precision and Control

If you want a bow mount that has better control and precision, then go with a bow mount. They are designed to make steering more precise, and they give you better control.

With transom mounts, the steering is not as precise as with bow mounts. And this is because unlike bow mounts, transom mounts don’t come with special features that improve control and precision.


Bow mounts are more expensive than transom mounts. Deciding which one to buy depends on what you can afford. The good news is that you can install a transom mount on a larger boat, so you don’t need to buy a bow mount.


Figuring out whether to buy a bow mount or a transom mount for your boat is not overly complicated. If you have a small boat, it is best to stick with a transom mount. If you have a big boat, you can choose to buy either.

Just take into account that each has its advantages and disadvantages. And deciding on which one to buy depends on your fishing style and boat size.

Bow Mount vs Transom Mount

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