How Fast Will a Trolling Motor Go? Tips & Tricks from Experts

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2022)
 How Fast Will a Trolling Motor Go

Recreational fishing is very popular around the world. 50.1 million people from the United States participated in recreational fishing in 2019. People regard it as a sport or hobby.

It is a pleasure to spend a weekend trying to catch the biggest fish. Fresh air and magnificent scenery relax. If a person does not know some peculiarities of fishing, he or she will fail to enjoy this activity. 

First of all, it is necessary to learn as much as possible about the place where you want to go fishing. You should be aware of streams and their speed, baits, habits of local fish, and, of course, the law. One can consult a specialist to learn law restrictions in some regions. Geographical websites will help you find out more about the water and its inhabitants. The last thing to consider is the speed of the motor boat.

If you move too fast, fish won’t be able to swallow the bait. 

Today, anglers prefer trolling motor boats. The best variant is to choose the one with a bow trolling motor because it allows you to maneuver the boat even in shallow and weedy places. The slow and steady movement does not frighten off fish.

Besides, most trailing motors work silently. The speed depends on several things that an experienced angler needs to know. These are currents, the load of the boat or kayak, the weight of the motor, and general parameters of the vessel.  

Customers and fans of recreational fishing often have questions when selecting a trolling motor for their boat that will satisfy their needs. We have investigated marine and sports websites to get questions that need answers. This guide will answer basic questions about the speed of a trolling motor to help you enjoy your fishing.

How Fast Will a 55 lb Thrust Trolling Motor Go?

55lb thrust trolling motor with battery
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Manufacturers of 55 lb thrust trolling motors warn that their products do not fit large and heavy boats. In the case of perfect water and load conditions, it can speed up to 5 miles per hour. You should also know that maximum speed consumes a lot of energy. Consequently, you won’t enjoy your fishing long because of the battery alert. It is better to avoid strong currents and tides. Slow rivers and small lakes will create perfect conditions for recreational fishing for owners of 55 lb thrust trolling motors

Experts recommend moving slower (2 to 4 miles per hour) and charge a motor’s battery to full.

Besides, it is better not to take too much equipment and things on a boat to promise better fishing.

How Fast Will an 80 lb Thrust Trolling Motor Go?

86lb thrust trolling motor
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Experts warn, 80 lb thrust does not mean you will go faster than on a 55 lb thrust trolling motor. Professionals say that the maximum speed for any type of trolling motor is 5 miles per hour. Nevertheless, thrust number influences the ability of the trolling motor to move in turbulent waters. Compared to 55 lb, an 80 lb thrust trolling motor will cope with stronger tides and speedier streams. Another advantage of this trolling motor is its better and faster response compared to a 65 lb trolling motor.

How Fast will a 112 lb Thrust Trolling Motor Go?

Just like in the case of 55, 80, and 65 lb thrust trolling motors, a 112 lb thrust trolling motor will promise the same 5 mph. Nevertheless, its response and overall performance will be better. It is especially important to select a 112 lb thrust trolling motor for those who like to go fishing in fast-moving currents and tides. Such a motor will operate even in strong winds. 

Can Two Trolling Motors Increase My Speed?

There is no point in using two trolling motors simultaneously.

Two motors will drain the battery faster and increase the weight of the boat.

The only advantage of having two trolling motors is the chance to navigate the boat better. In other words, you will switch off the bow motor and switch on the stern motor when needed. 

Is There Any Secret That Will Help Me Make My Trolling Motor Go Faster?

Perfect water conditions
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It is possible to make your boat move faster due to several tricks. One must take care of five basic things:

  • load
  • trolling motor checkup
  • perfect water conditions
  • compatibility of the boat and the motor
  • compatibility of the trolling motor and the propeller.

The boat’s speed is faster when it is light and floats in calm waters. So, you need to get rid of unnecessary things and consider streams. Turbulent water makes propellers work harder. If the propeller or trolling motor and its composition are of low quality, they can break in the middle of the lake. Moreover, a trolling motor might not fit the weight of the boat. Anglers consult specialists to find out what propeller will cope with the load and provide the desired speed.  

Anglers need to make sure that their motor functions properly. They must check wires, connections, electrical systems, fuses, breaks, plugs, batteries, and switches.

Any malfunction affects the motor performance, including its speed and response.



What thrust to prefer to boat faster? Thrust manifests how powerful your trolling motor is. To select the right thrust, you will have to consider the weight and length of your boat. Experts use the 2×100 formula or (weight of the vessel /100) x 2; for example, your boat plus things you need (tools, fuel, baits, etc.) weighs 3000 pounds. 

(3000/100)x 2 = a 60lb thrust trolling motor will suit your boat. 

It is better to take a more powerful motor not to overload it. One can check the table below to see if the thrust of his or her trolling motor suits the boat.

Weight of the boatLength of the boat (max)The minimal thrust of a trolling motorThe capacity of the battery
less than 1,500 lbs14 ft30 lbone 12v battery
2,000 lbs18 ft45 lbone 12v battery
2,500 lbs21 ft55 lbone 12v battery
up to 3,500 lbs23 ft70 lbtwo 12v batteries (24v total)
4,000 lbs25 ft80 lbtwo 12v batteries (24v total)
more than 4,500 lbs26 + ft101-112 lbtwo 12v batteries (24v total)

So, if you want to have a perfect fishing day, you will need to take care of your trolling motor, including its battery and specs. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast and water peculiarities in the chosen region. Make sure that your trolling motor will cope with streams and tides. Keep in mind that shallow places do not demand high speed and might be weedy. It might need careful maneuvering and the correct position of the trolling motor (bow or stern).  

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