Foot Pedal Tray for Trolling Motors

how to choose foot pedal tray for trolling motor

Do you love fishing but hate having to hold the trolling motor pedal with your foot while trying to cast your line?

Well, have we got the perfect solution for you! Introducing the trolling motor foot pedal tray – a handy accessory that will keep your hands free while you fish.

This tray can be easily installed on your boat and provides a comfortable place to rest your foot. Now you can focus on casting your line and reeling in that big one!

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Trolling Motor Cover That Keeps Your Motor Clean and Protected

How to choose trolling motor cover

If you are like most fishermen, you take great care of your equipment. You probably have a cover for your boat, and maybe even a storage shed to keep everything in when it’s not in use. But what about your trolling motor?

Chances are, you just tuck it under the deck or in the back of your truck and call it good. This can be a big mistake, as that motor is exposed to all sorts of things that can damage it or cause it to rust.

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