Torqeedo 1003 Review

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2022)
Torqeedo 1003 review

The Torqeedo 1003 is an electric outboard motor with an integrated lithium-ion battery. It is lightweight, compact, and eco-friendly. It does not discharge fumes since it does not use fuel. It is a German product, and it’s pretty expensive compared to other similar products. 

Product Overview



The Torqeedo features a 3hp electric outboard motor with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It comes with an inbuilt GPS system and an onboard computer that displays battery life, power consumption, and current speed. 

Attached to the motor is the tiller, which is used for steering the boat, and a two-blade propeller

two-blade propeller
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Torqeedo 1003 models use lithium-ion batteries. The capacity differs from model to model, but usually, it ranges between 320wh to 915wh. Batteries with a higher capacity typically take longer to charge. A 320wh capacity battery will take about 3.5 hours to reach full charge, while a 915wh capacity battery will take up to 10.5 hours. 

To charge, use a DC power supply that is 9.5v to 50v, and it is recommended to use a Torqueedo charging cable for charging. You can charge the battery using a USB, wall adapter, or solar panel.

On-Board Computer

On-Board Computer
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The motor has an integrated onboard computer that displays the battery charge in percentage, the remaining battery charge at current speed, and current power consumption and speed. 

There is also an integrated GPS system, which only works when the system is switched on. The GPS system allows you to track where you are and to help you navigate. 

Safety Features


The tiller controls the Torqeedo system in that it ensures that the system starts only when it’s in a neutral position. This is to help prevent the system from starting unintentionally

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Magnetic Kill Switch

The magnetic kill switch cuts off the energy supply and shuts down the Torqeedo system, and the propeller comes to a halt.  

Electric Circuit-Breaker

The breaker monitors the circuit. If there is an overvoltage or overcurrent, the breaker immediately shuts down the circuit cutting off the power to the motor.  

Acceleration Control

This feature regulates the rotational speed change of the propeller and protects the mechanical drive components. 

Cable Breakage Protection

It immediately shuts down the motor when a connection cable becomes damaged.

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Overtemperature Protection

It reduces the power when the motor or the electronics overheat.

Motor Protection

This feature protects the motor from mechanical and thermal damage when the propeller gets blocked

Where to Buy and Price Range

You can buy the Torqeedo 1003 from the company’s official website, Torqeedo. You might need to register first to make a purchase, but that should not be a hassle. 

Other online stores you can get this model include West Marine, Defender, and Cruising World. You could also check out Walmart and eBay. 

The Torqeedo 1003 trolling motor costs anywhere between $2000 to $3,500. The good thing is that the motor comes with batteries. Many trolling motors don’t come with batteries; you have to buy them separately. So when you look at it, it’s a good deal

Honestly, trolling motors cost that much or more and don’t come with added accessories. If you buy the Torqeedo from the brand’s official website, you don’t only get batteries; you also get a charger and an emergency magnetic kill switch. It also comes with a 2-year warranty. 

Torqeedo 1003
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Alternative Products

If you are not too sure about the Torqeedo 1003, and you would like to look at other similar products, here is a list of some good options:

  • Newport Vessels L-Series
  • U-BCOO 8 Trolling Motor
  • Watersnake Venom Swet Trolling Motor
  • AQUOS Haswing CaymanB Trolling Motor

You could check out other options on sites like Amazon. However, do your due diligence and know what to look for when choosing a trolling motor.

TThere are many brands in the market, and it is easy to get drawn to the cheap ones.

 There is nothing wrong with buying a cheap motor, but if it’s too cheap, that should tell you that something is wrong with it. Try websites like eBay and Craiglist if you are looking for a good bargain and don’t mind buying a second-hand trolling motor

However, consider factors like the type of motor, batteries, control features, safety features, mounting or dismounting features, and warranty when selecting a trolling motor,

Wrapping Up

The Torqueedo 1003 is a pretty decent trolling motor with safety features, GPS System, and other great features. Probably the best part about it is that it comes with batteries. It is slightly costlier than other similar products, but it’s worth every penny.

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