Motorguide Xi5 Reviews: Excellent Solution for Your Fishing Boat

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2022)
 Motorguide Xi5 Reviews

With trolling motors, fishing has never been so pleasant and quiet before. Nowadays the spectrum of available models is amazing. Samples differ from each other in the way they are controlled and mounted. Such motors provide the fishers with precise location and smooth maneuverability. They do not involve any harmful spills.

If you still doubt whether a trolling motor is exactly what you need, consider the following information:

  • Complete control over your boat.

It’s possible to minimize variables such as wind or current;

  • It’s good for fishing in shallow, weedy areas.

Motor propellers are not likely to become fouled;

  • They are eco-friendly.

The engine does not distract the local flora and fauna.

Although there are lots of diverse trolling motors on the market, Motorguide Xi5 is a winning solution for anglers who appreciate comfort, quality, and flexibility. 

The product possesses a number of significant traits that differentiate it from other variations.

Distinct Features

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LED Dashboard

The technologies are developing so rapidly. Nowadays even a boat engine is able to perform several functions. Motorguide Xi5 is a multifunctional device. To manage its stable running, you have to control the crucial indicators. You may observe them on the LED dashboard. It allows you to detect possible damages as soon as possible. The main 4 aspects that should be controlled encompass the following things: power on/system ready, screws on, Pinpoint GPS on, and battery life.

Wireless Foot Pedal

Even if you are a beginner, it won’t be difficult for you to control Motorguide Xi5. It is accoutered with a wireless foot pedal. This element is very helpful while with its help, it’s possible to manage and control the functioning of the motor from any part of the boat. All the details are of top-quality. A wireless foot pedal is made from high-impact-resistant composite stuff. It means it is to serve for several years.  The wireless technologies allow getting rid of annoying cables that take a lot of space.      

Digital Variable Speed

The faster you go, the less battery power is left. In some areas, it’s necessary to slow down while in others, you have to speed up. With MotorGuide Xi5, all these operations are easily controlled. Everything is done almost automatically. You should only set up the needed parameters.     

Next-Generation Digital Technology

Motorguide Xi5 embodies all the advantages of the use of innovative technologies. Reliable digital software aims at promoting the effectiveness of the engine. It allows the motor to work better and longer. You do not think about what parameters should be set up. The technologies do everything for you. It’s possible to reduce the waste of energy and boost the efficiency of the model.

Even the smallest detail of electronics is carefully encapsulated in a high-tech coating. It helps to protect the mechanisms from water and dust.  

Low Profile Mount

There is one more significant trait of Motorguide Xi5 that should be mentioned about. The device doesn’t take half of the board. It’s compact and can be easily affixed. Relatively small parameters do not affect the power and efficiency of the engine.       


Motorguide Xi5 is a multifunctional device
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There are several specific traits of Motorguide Xi5 you are to pay attention to when selecting a desirable model. Shaft length varies from 45” to 72”. This feature is critical for trolling motors. 

It’s crucial to be sure you select an appropriate shaft length.

It’s necessary to calculate the interval between the horizontal mounting area on the bow to the waterline. Then, it’s necessary to plus 20″ to this figure. It’s better to pick up a shaft length with similar parameters with this sum. It should not be less than it.

Motorguide Xi5 thrust comes in various variations, too. The most common samples are 55, 80,105 lbs. This parameter defines how powerful a motor is. If you possess a large and heavy boat, you need more thrust in order to achieve sufficient results while fishing.

The motor is accoutered with Safari 2-Blade Weedless Prop. It’s a perfect solution for trolling motors. It’s able to deliver both top-quality performance and superb open-water power.


Motorguide Xi5 is well-known for its integrated GPS systems. They help to navigate without effort. The Pinpoint technology is accurate and reliable. If you need to stay at one point for a definite period of time, you are to use the so-called Anchor option. 

The motor also has a sonar transducer. It’s the heart of the fishfinder system. Sonar is built-in but it can be easily connected to your gadgets with the help of a proper cable.  


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You do not face any significant difficulties when using Motorguide Xi5. It’s not obligatory to be a professional to cope with this task. There are no endless instructions. There are only six steps you should take to complete an installation:

  1. Discard the two side board screws from each side of the deck mount. It’s essential to discard the side boards away from the deck mount carefully to avoid possible damages. It’s necessary to discard the side boards from both sides of the trolling motor.
  2. It’s essential to pick up an appropriate place for affixing the engine. A minimal clearance of 0.5 in. is required needed between the motor column and the rub rail on the boat when the engine is deployed;    
  3. You have to prepare the needed holes to affix the motor. If there are already the needed holes, you are to check whether they fit the new engine or not;
  4. The next step is to place the engine onto the board of the boat at the needed area. The position should be bestowed.
  5. You are to affix the board mounting bracket to the holes in the board.  Do not forget about isolators if they are required.
  6. The next step is to affix the trolling engine with the mounting holes in the board. After it, you can set the side panels onto the trolling motor. You should avoid damaging the locating tabs. Finally, you can set the side panel screws.

So, Motorguide Xi5 is an awesome representative of modern motors. They allow making the fishing process as convenient as possible. Easy exploitation and extensive functions make this motor the number 1 in the list of the most favorable motors for fishing. The combination of top quality, accurate technologies, and stable work gains the trust of copious fishermen. Xi5 motors are good for both larger sports fishing boats and smaller models.        

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