Haswing Trolling Motor: The Evolution of Trolling Motor Production

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2022)

 Haswing Trolling Motor: The Evolution of Trolling Motor Production

Choosing a trolling motor is a life-or-death decision for passionate hunters and fishermen. An electric motor for a boat is a machine powered by a storage battery (accumulator battery).

A similar device can be used as the main engine or an additional one. In the first case, it is used on smaller, more often inflatable, floating craft. 

With such a device, you can move across a shallow reservoir, not spending any physical effort. Such a motor provides a few days of fishing, with regular transfers to a new place in two up to three minutes. It is the perfect trolling engine. The hunter can quietly sneak up on the ducks, hiding in the reeds.

Are you looking for a cordless manual control, quiet operation, lower energy consumption, quick-release support along cruise control? All these features are present in the Haswing brand of trolling motors.

Haswing Brand Overview

The brand emerged after the oil prices ramped up in the middle of the 1990s. That automatically led to a significant rise in the price of gasoline. Several enterprising Chinese comrades realized that the production of electric boat motors could turn into a really beneficial business in the near future.

In 1995, the developers founded the company called Ya Tai Electric Appliance. It owns the rights to the now popular water-motor Haswing brand. Which, in addition to electric motors, produces quite a lot of goods for outdoor activities on the water.

Вrand Haswing has more than 30 models of electric motors
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The Japanese brand Haswing has more than 30 models of electric motors from 200 to 1500 Watt. They are available on all continents. The major clients are England, Japan, the USA, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Australia, Poland, Italy, France, Ukraine, Russia, and Portugal. 

Years of manufacturing and production have allowed making engines from steady materials with top-notch characteristics.

Many fishermen have approved these products to be reliable, durable, and multifunctional. They have a warranty service and access to original spare parts. It ensures uninterrupted operation for many years.

The products are made up of cast aluminum. So, you can rely upon them in terms of endurance. One such huge apparatus gives you the full value of what you have paid for. Moreover, its top-notch features contribute to the product’s worthiness.

The Haswing brand produces not only electric motors for boats. There are also many other pieces of equipment for water recreation. There is even a gasoline engine.

But it is not as popular as Haswing’s electric motors. They have been manufactured in China since 1997. More than 20 years have passed since that time and the company was able to nurture a brand that is popular all over the world.

Features the Brand Goods

To be able to compete with the same old-time American companies in the water-motor equipment market Chines developers needed to make some breakthroughs. Initially, the bid in the advertising campaign was made on two main criteria:

  • Adequate price policies. Such requirement is set to give the opportunity to buy an electric motor primarily for those who cannot afford electric motor from the competing American or South Korean manufacturers;
  • Top-notch materials and high-quality assembly. This simply guarantees effective and reliable technical characteristics along with the dependable and durable operation of the brand’s electric drive.

Currently, it is the world-known brand that many passionate fishermen, hunters, and nature lovers praise highly. 

The world-known brand that many passionate
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Haswing Trolling Motors

Fishermen like you highlight the following most outstanding features of the Haswing machine products:

  1. Cost. Like most Chinese equipment, Haswing motors are quite inexpensive. A low price does not indicate poor quality, by no means. Due to stereotypes, the manufacturer has to set the price tag lower to compete with other engine brands from the same USA or Japan.
  2. Quiet work. If you need to go trolling fishing, hunting, or you just like a measured quiet vacation, then you need an electric Haswing PLM. It is practically silent and does not transmit vibrations. You and your prey will not even notice that it is there.
  3. Lightweight and compact dimensions. The smallest model weighs 2.3 kg! At the same time, she can push the vessel up to 300 kg. The Haswing electric motor will be an ideal purchase for owners of inflatable boats, especially rowing models, well, or small motorboats.
  4. Quality and guarantees. It is made with stainless composite materials. Quality control ensures the motors are reliable and durable.
  5. Independent on the season. Electric motors are indispensable when using a boat in non-freezing reservoirs in winter. In the gas engine after use, water remains in the cooling system. After lying in the cold, it can simply burst. This will not happen with an electrical unit.
  6. Applicable in both freshwater and seawater. Compared to other motors, this is designed to be used in different types of waters. It is capable of withstanding various severe effects and conditions of the seawater. Therefore, you can be sure about its efficient performance, although its regular cleaning is essential after the use in seawater;
  7. Eco friendly. If you care about the environment, then you should buy a Haswing electric motor. It does not pollute the air or water with toxic emissions. The environmental issue is acute all over the world. Some countries prohibit the use of certain gasoline engines by law. In many countries, there are a lot of reservoirs where such a ban is in effect. At such times, the Haswing electric motor becomes a necessity.

Its series intended for people fond of hunting and fishing, undoubtedly lets you cherish your hobby without any hassle to control the boat and cut the noise.

Quiet work operation is the most outstanding feature that will surely make you amazed by Haswing Trolling Motor.

Fishing lovers know for sure how much fishing depends on stealth. If a motor is too noisy, it makes noticeable vibrations. It destroys the serenity of the water residents.

So, fishing can become quite a challenging task in this case. At the same time, by investing in the label with a decibel level of 55, you can appreciate fishing without any thoughts of being interrupted and come back home delighted.

Disadvantages of the label’s drive are as follows:

  1. Battery. The label’s commodities have a battery that expires fast. This is presumably one of the ultimate drawbacks of this drive. As it has a remote control boating, for this reason, it demands a battery that can supply you with at least a full daytime out on the marine with it before it dies;
  2. Relatively small power reserve: 12-14 km for 2-3 hours in the highest gear or 22-27 km for 9-11 hours in the lowest gear;
  3. Travel speed is usually no more than 8 km/hh;
  4. Sailing against strong winds or severe meteorological situations is almost impossible.

Haswing Range of Electric Motors

Haswing electric motors are the Chinese counterparts of American and South Korean machines. They are much cheaper than their competitors and do not lag behind in terms of quality. Compared to many manufacturers, which have a limited range of several motors that differ only in terms of thrust, Haswing electric motors for boats can also offer a great variety. 



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