How Fast Will a Trolling Motor Go? Tips & Tricks from Experts

How Fast Will a Trolling Motor Go? Tips & Tricks from Experts-1
 How Fast Will a Trolling Motor Go

Recreational fishing is very popular around the world. 50.1 million people from the United States participated in recreational fishing in 2019. People regard it as a sport or hobby. It is a pleasure to spend a weekend trying to catch the biggest fish. Fresh air and magnificent scenery relax. If a person does not know some peculiarities of fishing, he or she will fail to enjoy this activity. 

First of all, it is necessary to learn as much as possible about the place where you want to go fishing. You should be aware of streams and their speed, baits, habits of local fish, and, of course, the law. One can consult a specialist to learn law restrictions in some regions. Geographical websites will help you find out more about the water and its inhabitants. The last thing to consider is the speed of the motor boat.

If you move too fast, fish won’t be able to swallow the bait. 

Today, anglers prefer trolling motor boats. The best variant is to choose the one with a bow trolling motor because it allows you to maneuver the boat even in shallow and weedy places. The slow and steady movement does not frighten off fish. Besides, most trailing motors work silently. The speed depends on several things that an experienced angler needs to know. These are currents, the load of the boat or kayak, the weight of the motor, and general parameters of the vessel.  

Customers and fans of recreational fishing often have questions when selecting a trolling motor for their boat that will satisfy their needs. We have investigated marine and sports websites to get questions that need answers. This guide will answer basic questions about the speed of a trolling motor to help you enjoy your fishing.

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Trolling Motor Top Speed: Tips and Tricks from Experts

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 Trolling Motor Top Speed

Have you ever tried to speed up your boat, but something did not let you reach the goal? The main reason is lack of knowledge and fishing experience.

An angler should know everything about currents, fish, weeds, and obstacles that might occur in the chosen area. The direction and strength of the stream can help increase the speed of a boat. An angler must be aware of the top speed of the trolling motor. A person should use tricks to fasten the boat and maneuver the boat better.

This article will answer all your questions about trolling motor top speed. We have discussed essential points with experts to provide only truthful data. We hope that it will help you enjoy recreational fishing and predict things that might spoil your day out.

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How to Charge a Trolling Motor Battery from the Outboard Motor (part 2)?

How to Charge a Trolling Motor Battery from the Outboard Motor-1

Trolling is a perfect way to fish. There is only one minus – a suddenly discharged battery. Have you ever been in such a situation? Being stuck in the open sea far away from the shore with nothing helpful is not funny, isn’t it?

Do you fear long fishing sessions because you cannot rely on your trolling battery? Or, maybe, you still struggle to choose the most convenient way of charging batteries, which work inside a running trolling motor, don’t you? If at least one answer is yes, we are companions in misfortune. 

As a trolling fishing enthusiast, I used to face different problems with a battery. After stopping in the middle of the sea and calling a coast squad for help, I’ve decided to dip into extra charging a battery.

Keeping a spare battery in the boat and changing it in the sea has never been an alternative. I could not take the whole workshop with me. Plus, in the past, I used to rent a dock with no option to charge the battery from the shore. I am sure I am not the only one having this trouble.

Brief research showed that charging a trolling battery while running is not that difficult. There are plenty of variants.

This post is a brief explanation of how to charge a boat battery on the water.

I hope it will give you a clue and open a world of long-term fishing without fears and troubles.

Fishing without fears and troubles
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Trolling Motor Wire Size Guide: Every Bit a Beginner Should Know

Trolling Motor Wire Size Guide-1
 Trolling Motor Wire Size Guide

Choosing a proper trolling motor wire size is more important than you might think. Many people, especially beginner boat enthusiasts underestimate wire gauges. They don’t know about electrical resistance and think that a proper current is the only thing that matters.

To ensure you don’t make such a mistake, we’ve created this gauge wire guide. The first section is dedicated to the general notion of a wire gauge and why it’s important, as well as the American Wire Gauge.

The second part is more specific to trolling motors, but we recommend you read the whole piece to have a full understanding of the topic. Electricity issues hold a serious fire hazard, and fire on the water never sounds good.

So, let’s begin!

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How to Charge a Trolling Motor Battery: Tips and Tricks

How to Charge a Trolling Motor Battery-1
 How to Charge a Trolling Motor Battery

A time ago, it was hell to charge a trolling motor battery. Batteries had containers, and battery acid was circulating within them during the charge. It was a good method, though it was rather time-consuming.

Besides, a person spent much effort and was exhausted by the process. Fortunately, we live in the epoch of new technologies, and the approach to battery charging has improved greatly.

To charge a trolling motor battery, a person is to be aware of its type to select the best charger. This guide will help you to avoid mistakes and make your trolling motor battery serve longer.

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Lightest Trolling Motor Battery: When Should You Use It?

Lightest Trolling Motor Battery-1
 Lightest Trolling Motor Battery

Do you own a pontoon boat or a kayak? Do you want it to be fast and show the best performance? Then, find out how to choose the best trolling motor battery. A battery with light weight will help you to improve your boat performance and get a positive boating experience.

You should make the choice of the battery responsibly as not all lightweight trolling batteries can work for hours without charging. Paying attention to the charging potential is a must for smooth boating. Check how to choose the lightest trolling motor battery that will help you to optimize your boat function.

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Trolling Motor Amp Draw

Trolling Motor Amp Draw-1
 Trolling-Motor-Amp Draw

Conducting various tests and learning the exact parameters of a motor is useful in at least four cases.

  • The first case concerns buying a used motor. As a rule, a motor has got a tablet with all characteristics and documentation with the same detailed information. Sometimes, when you purchase a used motor from a private seller, the data can be missing. In this situation, a strategy to perform tests to learn the characteristics of a motor is correct.
  • The second situation happens when something is wrong with the motor, and you would like to repair it. Measuring AMP draw can exclude or confirm problems with the inner electric circuit, power consumption, and overall effectiveness of a motor. The test is important but not difficult to perform by yourself.
  • The third case concerns custom motors. Suppose you are an enthusiast and want to assemble your own trolling motor from different parts. In this case, amp draw tests are obligatory, as you have to make sure what kind of battery to apply.
  • The fourth situation is advice from many experts. They recommend decreasing the electricity power of a starting device. Such a procedure lets a battery last much longer.

What can happen if you neglect the amp draw test?

You will waste money by picking the wrong battery. If the power of a battery is not enough, it will not start the motor at all.

You risk burning or overheating a motor with a too strong battery. Excessive heat can make motor lifespan significantly shorter.

You will ruin the motor completely or overpay for another repair. As we said, you can perform the test by yourself if you know how to prepare and the instruments you’ll need.

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Trolling Motor Circuit Breakers (A Complete Guide)

Trolling Motor Circuit Breakers-1
 Trolling Motor Circuit Breakers

The circuit breaker is a key element when it comes to any electronic motor equipment, be it for your house or your boat. There are a lot of important things you need to take into account if you’d like to understand how a trolling motor circuit breaker works. 

Luckily, this article will walk you through the nitty-gritty of your circuit breaker. It will help you understand the installation process. You’ll be able to make the most of your electric trolling motor while extending its longevity.

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How Many Amps Does a Trolling Motor Use?

How Many Amps Does a Trolling Motor Use-1
 How Many Amps Does a Trolling Motor Use

Before buying a trolling motor, every customer wonders how long it’s going to last. This is one of the most important criteria of choice. And aside from the quality of the motor, the brand, the type, etc., amperage matters a lot.

There are two measurements that matter:

  • How many amp-hours the motor supports;
  • What the trolling motor amperage draw is.

To understand amperage, you need to understand how the battery works at all.

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Bow Mount Trolling Motor Brackets: What? When? How?

Bow Mount Trolling Motor Brackets-1
 Bow Mount Trolling Motor Brackets

Successful fishing depends on many things. An angler should know details about various kinds of fish, including their eating habits, speed, habitats, and seasonal peculiarities. Those, who like to angle on motorboats, have a chance to catch a pike, a marling, a catfish, a tuna, and other predatory fish. Why is trolling fishing effective? It lets you catch the desired fish without noise. A fish sees the moving bait and does not suspect that it is a trap. 

If you want to do everything right, you will select a proper bracket to supply your boat or kayak with a motor. Compared to outboard motors, oars, and paddles, trolling motors are simpler in navigation. They let you control your boat in windless and shallow places full of weeds. You can mount it on the front or back part of the kayak or boat. Some anglers mount it on the main motor to spare space. It is better not to mount it anyhow. You should take into consideration the parameters of your boat/ kayak (weight, length, load, construction peculiarities, etc.) before the installation. This guide will help you make the right choice.

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